How to Not Get Side Tracked When Planning Your Week.

Weekly title page

Do you constantly ask yourself where you’re suppose to be at that time? Or what you are suppose to be doing? Do you double book yourself or feel like you’re not using your time wisely? Do you feel off Balance and a little scattered? Sometimes wish someone made a manual for your own life? Then this post is for you!

I went from having a very steady, every day same kind of schedule to having absolutely no structure and a To-Do list from here to China! Often times I would catch myself going into my beautiful planner to enter a new appointment I had just made, only to find out that I already had plans to do something else. Recently I had a week with no out of the ordinary appointments just the things I needed to get done that week and I constantly felt like maybe I was missing something.

Due to all this, my home quickly turned into an organize Re-Vamping central! Believe me, there is still a ton left to organize, but If I had to choose one of the most important things I did this month It would be my Ideal Weekly Plan Sheet.


This was one of my all time favorite things that I learned during my time in Mary Kay. So, What exactly is a weekly plan sheet? I’m so glad you asked! It’s a one stop guide to what’s going on in your life! Now, when you run into that girlfriend you haven’t seen in years and want to schedule a coffee date you know that on Wednesday mornings and Saturday afternoons are when you normally have your free time.  Or when your church asks you if you can fill in for someone volunteering you already know that you’re volunteering in another department at the church.

Here is how it works, start filling in items that you know you have to do EVERY week. For example, if you work a 9-5 every day Fill that in (preferably in Pencil or black Ink) then lets say you go to church every Sunday for the 10 am service and you have a ladies business group that meets every Wednesday night from 6-8pm. Put all those mandatory every week kind of things down on the paper. Once you have completed that, see where you have time to add things in. Maybe you have wished that you could incorporate more fitness time (Don’t we all!) you could choose two or three days a week to wake up a half hour earlier to get that done or even on your lunch break. Some other things you could add in are quiet time to read or meditate, Family and friend time, and even doing NOTHING time (we need that every once in awhile!)


Once you are done adding in everything grab some highlighters, markers, or colored pencils and start shading or outlining each time period by its category. Here is how I color coded mine:

– Blue: Work (because it makes me blue)
– Green: My Blog Time!
– Pink: Volunteer time at my church
– Yellow: My Jesus time
– Orange: Family Time
-Red: Chores/Errands
– Purple: Personal Time (when I can schedule coffees, Watch what ever I want on TV or take a nap!)

Keep in mind your weekly plan sheet will look different than mine. Yours could be jam packed from 6 am – 11pm (May the Lord Bless you and Good Luck!) but don’t feel like that is the purpose of this sheet!

There are two really great things you get out of filling in this plan sheet. 1) You get a much better idea of how much available time you really have to spend on all those things you say you wish you had time for. 2) You realize how much time you are spending in what areas because its color coded. If your paper is covered in Blue (work) and you’re wondering why your unhappy, unhealthy, and stressed out… well, TADA!!!(hopefully you were able to put two and two together) This really helps with making you a little bit more balanced in life.


Still have some concerns? Okay, let’s here is!

What if my week doesn’t actually happen like that? No worries, that’s why the title says “Ideal” don’t strive for perfection, strive for what is best for you! This is just a little piece of paper to remind you of what you wish your week could look like.

What if my schedule changes weekly? Again, No worries! Take the same “Ideal” concept and put in what you wish your week could look like and strive for that every week. If you work shift work 3 days a week, then color that in any three days that you choose. Normally on shift work you at least know what time most of the shift’s end up starting or finishing, right? So lets say that you can get called in for a Night shift from 5pm-1am, you don’t know what day, but at least one day a week that happens, are you with me so far? Okay, so choose a day, lets choose Wednesday. On Wednesdays column you would color in Work from 5pm -1 am, but you have a bunch of Blank space still. Now what can you get done during the day on Wednesday? Fill that in too. Then when you get your weekly schedule and see that you are scheduled the night shift for Saturday (BUMMER!) you can then just apply Wednesdays Ideal day to Saturday’s’ actual day. Make sense?

weekly plan sheet – Sheet1

This paper needs to be accessible at all times! So I would suggest keeping it in the front of your planner, laminating it or putting it in a sheet protector and maybe even taking a picture of it on your phone so you always have it with you! Please let me know if this helped you at all or if you have any other questions!

Happy Belated One Year Surgiversary

I seriously felt like I was on a roll! Last Thursday, the day of my actual surgiversary, I sprung out of bed, weighed myself and then skipped to my computer to write my post. After waiting for my computer to boot up I quickly came to a complete and total halt when I came to realize my internet was down! Of Course!!!! I am not the most techy person in the world so I did all that I could do to see if I could fix the problem (including having lengthy conversations with an automated machine giving me instructions and saying things like “once you have completed that step, and the problem is not resolved, please call again. Good Bye.”  …. Yea, I got hung up on by a machine about 4 times that day!) Anywho, It wasn’t until the end of the day that I learned that my modem just gave out and that it would take over a week for me to get a new one. Major disappointment! It wasn’t until last night, that we finally got it all hooked up. I was bouncing off the walls wanting to write a post and get it out into the world, but as I sat down to write it, I looked over at the future Hubs only to find a very sad puppy dog face on him. Due to no internet, we haven’t had Netflix, (we already don’t have cable) so I haven’t sat down and hung out with him for a week. I have been taking advantage of the free time to get stuff done! Needless to say his puppy dog face won and I opted for writing it tomorrow… Which is actually TODAY! So let’s just get to it!

Eight pounds by last Thursday was my goal, I’m sure you are all on pins and needles waiting to here if I did it. Drum roll please…. No, I did not. BUUUUUT, I lost one pound the day after! Not only that, but I wasn’t even disappointed! Yea, Yea, It would have been amazing to lose 8 pounds in a week, but come on people, that ain’t realistic! It did, however, give me a really good excuse to be extra strict with myself, get in all my squats, and to drink a daunting amount of water! If it got me even a fraction of an inch to being a bit healthier than I’ll take it!

Okay, Okay SHOW US THE PICTURES ALREADY!!! (I know, I too love some good weight loss before and after pictures!)


I love the opportunity to go back and look at where I was and where I have come. So since it is my one year, I will bombard this post with photos! Starting with a few of me before Surgery.

Hil fatMatty and I 1 Olivia Party


Here are some Progress Pictures starting from the Night before surgery, to about half way and then a week or two ago.



Here is a group of me before surgery and me after surgery. (Yes, that is really when he purposed, and no that is not my actual wedding dress)




Now that it has been an additional week since then I’m actually noticing weight and inches move. There was a good period of time that I was at a standstill and nothing was budging. Hopefully this can continue!

Here are some photos of me after Surgery:


As a fun way to celebrate my one year surgiversary I decided it would be a BLAST to go try on wedding dresses, and pick one out! I was waiting as long as I could to order a dress so that I could order the smallest size possible, but I’m a little less than 6 months out so it was definitely time to make a decision. 20140910_115916

Guess what?!?!


(I don’t do spoilers, so the one above is not the dress either!)

Dress Shopping was SO much fun and it made it that much more real that the wedding was right around the corner! I could very easily be stressed out, but due to my new and well organized planner binder It’s all smooth sailing now!

Thanks for celebrating with me!

8lbs by Thursday

Thursday will be my one year surgiversary! I can’t believe It went by that quick. Soon after surgery, I made some goals for myself and one of them was to be at Onederland (weighing 199 or less) by my one year. Unfortunately around 6 months out I had started to realize that there was a good chance that wasn’t going to happen. Instead of completely giving up I decided to re-evaluate my goals and see what else I could do. I settled for losing a total of 75 pounds, right now I’m at 67 pounds lost so I have 8 more pounds to go! Anyone think I can lose 2 pounds a day????

It’s looking a little slim, but I’m gonna go back to basics to see just how close to that goal I can come! Here is my plan:

-The next 4 days I am Smoothie-ing it up! I will be doing mostly protein smoothies during the day and then a healthy dinner at night. (I’m hoping this will get me in the mood for creating a great list of smoothie recipes to share!)

-I have some Skinny Wraps (these cool wraps that help pull toxins out of your skin a tighten things up!) I have tried one, but you’re suppose to use it consistently to see real results so we will see if that helps at all!

– Water will become my best friend!

– I’m gonna work out every day =/ (I have barely worked out all summer, I’m gonna be hurting by Thursday!)


I’m nervous to post goals like this online because lets face it failure sucks, but we’re all human and I am learning to embrace that every day! So wish me luck and lets see if this is even possible!



Matts Fresh Lemon and Herb Pork chops

Lately I have been working 6-7 days a week. That’s a pretty normal thing for me to do at the end of the summer season. Unfortunately, that means working on a Sunday, which I really despise. My love knows how much I dislike it so he decided since I wouldn’t get home until after 6:30, that perhaps he should hop in the kitchen and prepare dinner for the two of us. I excitedly accepted! I had already planned on having grilled Pork chops, Trader Joes Mushroom risotto and a salad, nothing fancy but food none the less. What I came home to was not at all what I expected!


We recently have been perfecting our little patio garden and have a handful of fresh herbs back there. Lucky for us! So he decided to make good use of those herbs and make a lemon and fresh herb pork chop, and let me tell ya, he did not disappoint!


Living in an apartment its rare we get to grill so he invested in a cast iron skillet to give us that grilled feeling, but keep in mind this is a great recipe for grilling. Unfortunately the pork chops I had on hand were thin and small (because I wasn’t planning on getting fancy with them) but if you plan to use this recipe I would suggest a slightly thicker cut of meat.


He started by picking and washing the herbs and then making a gorgeous smelling marinade and let the chops sit, getting fat and happy, for about 2 hours. After the two hours were up, he put the cast iron in the oven to get it really hot and then seared them up about 2 minutes on eat side (we have an electric stove so that’s why we use the oven for the cast iron. Also, you could cook them longer if its a bigger piece of meat) Not only did he make a fabulous pork chop, but he even doctored up the risotto by adding a small amount of heavy cream, and fresh rosemary and using chicken stock instead of water. Can you say heaven in my mouth!
Pork Chops 2


Matts fresh Lemon and Herb Pork Chops
–  Juice of One Lemon
– 3 tbs olive oil
– 2 Tbs chopped fresh cilantro
 – 1/4 cup chopped fresh basil
 – 1/2 Tbs minced Garlic
 – Salt and pepper to your liking
 – 1 tsp onion powder
 – 4 pork chops or 2 large pork chops
1) Wash and chop your fresh herbs
2) In a small bowl, mix all ingredients besides pork chops to make a marinade
3) let your pork chops sit in the marinade for 2+ hours (even overnight)
4) light fire for your grill or preheat your oven to 400  degrees F and let the cast iron get hot for 10 minutes
5) On Medium/hot heat, place the hot cast iron on the stove and add the marinated pork chops
6) Cook for 2-5 minutes on each side, depending on the thickness.
7) Plate and enjoy!

How God Eased My Worry so I Can do Nothing

In my last post I explained my reasoning for not continuing to go to cosmetology school, but what I didn’t explain, was what I was going to do instead. Part of the reason why is because there isn’t really some big spectacular plan to share in the first place. Like I already said I’m one to always have a million plans for everything and it’s rare for me to ever just be still to see where life takes me. I always have to be in the driver’s seat, which is not always the best when you try to live your life for God. After having many late nights stressing over what my next plan was going to be, I decided to take a week off from worry and take on a week of scripture. This was HUGE for me! Worry is my middle name! The idea of not worrying was un-thinkable! The last three months I had extreme insomnia, so to just say that tomorrow I’m not going to worry was a shot in the dark, but with how big those dark circles under my eyes were getting it was time to try something.


The next morning I woke up and went straight out to my little garden for some quiet time with God, starting with a weekly James study that my church had recently given me. The first day was a general overview of James but I could see a huge difference in the way the rest of my day went. Anytime throughout the day I would either pray or open up the bible to a random page and just start reading until the anxiety subsided. That night I was actually able to fall asleep so of course when I woke up the next morning I said HECK YES I’m going to do that again!

The Second day I started by reading James 1:1-3 ” Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds. Because you know that the testing of your faith produce perseverance.” (James 1:2-3) Trials huh? Well, I know what those are. (At the time we were going through a hand full of other trials in our life as well) I literally felt like God was across from me explaining how necessary my stress was, which in response I thought was jacked up, yet at the same time it all made sense. With what I had just learned, I was curious as to what God was going to tell me next, which made my prayers much more lengthy. They were filled with questions such as; what did that verse mean and what am I suppose to do about that, what is my next step, how am I suppose to live my life, Why do I even have to have a “career” if it doesn’t fit within what my heart aches to do etc. (Literally, I wrote out my prayers and it was 7 pages long!)

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Dreams can change

Back in September I made a post about me going to cosmetology school. I believe my post title was actually “A Dream Come True” and boy oh boy can I just say first hand that dreams can change! When I made my decision to have surgery, I felt like I was on fire, I made the decision without asking a single person what their opinion was. In fact, I didn’t ask anyone anything (except my doctors, of course) I just straight up told people my plan and didn’t care what was next. For me, this was a first, I always have to ask at least three peoples opinions on things and even after I decide I go back ask if those same people if that was the right choice, ridiculous I know! However, with surgery,  it was nothing like that, and it was kind of addicting! My conversations with people ended up going a little something like this: hey, guess what on September 18th I’m going in for gastric sleeve, oh and I think I’m going to go cosmetology school in December. No questions please. Yup, that fast one right after the after. Boom Boom!

To be completely honest, I don’t even know where the cosmetology school idea really came from. Hair is so not my thing, my mom chopped my hair off in 2nd grade because I hated my hair so much that I never brushed mine. I used to watch my mom and my sister take a shower and wash their hair every morning and I seriously thought they were insane, and often times when I would try to imitate them I would get a round brush stuck in my hair.  When I really try to think of it, I can remember about 6 months before surgery, I had an old friend call me and say that he knew I went to school for makeup, but was curious if I also cut hair and if I would give him a trim for an interview. I think that maybe that’s what made me think that perhaps cosmetology school would be a good idea. Because I was so excited about my “on my own” decision making with surgery and I honestly had no idea what I was doing career wise, I kind of just slapped that on the end to my “I’m making a new life for myself” speech without even really analyzing it.

So why wasn’t it for me? Well its not like I was bad at it. In fact, my teachers all made it clear that I was doing a great job and I even got an award for highest practical grade and highest written grade for my first module. Being a stylist is something that takes a lot of passion and I feel like you also kinda have to fit a description of some sorts. I felt like I didn’t have either. On top of that I felt like I was being drug down by all the drama. I was surrounded by girls whose main focus was appearances and it began to weigh on my heart a lot, which I noticed began to  make a huge change in my personality. In the past 3 years I have strived for living my life God first, Family second and career third and it’s not easy to do when your career is in an environment  that weighs you down and makes you question yourself. Granted, I did what I could to stay away from the drama and stick with my close friends but I started to realize that I would be around the vanity and drama the rest of my life working in a salon, which is the same reason why I decided not to pursue makeup in Hollywood.

After a long talk with my Fiance we both decided that it’s okay for me to change my direction, and just because I claimed it was a dream on a high of decision making, doesn’t mean I’m committed to it for life. At first I was embarrassed, but now I’m completely comfortable and very happy with my decision.

What’s Next? I’m not sure, and that feels so amazing to say! After months of trying to decide if I was going to go back to school or find a new career plan I started to realize a huge pattern in my life. I ALWAYS HAVE TO HAVE A PLAN. Not only just a plan, but also a plan B and a plan C, D, E and F. Not that having plans are a bad thing, quite the contrary (I do, clearly, love myself a good plan) but I was tired of finding something to do just to say that I had a plan. There was no really thought and there was definitely no consulting with God about it first. SOOO… After I have to tell people I’m actually not going to cosmetology school, I end up answering their follow up question of, “Then what are you going to do?” with a simple,  “for now, Nothing!” and I leave it at that. I know what you and everyone else is thinking, so lets handle that now. No I will NOT be sitting on the couch eating bon bons, there is a little bit of a plan but just not in an average way. My next post will explain what I mean! Until Next time!

Recent Pictures

Due to being M.I.A for awhile I got a lot of questions regarding how much weight I have lost and people want to see pictures. How can I deny my readers?


(Yes, I have a bad habit of taking goofy selfies)

Let’s preface by saying that a big part of my decision for weight loss surgery was that often it didn’t matter how well I ate or how hard I worked out, the weight just wouldn’t budge after about 20 pounds. It’s now been 10 months since surgery and I have lost 64 pounds. Through the whole process my weight loss has been incredibly slow which kind of made sense for my body given what it was like before surgery. In this process I’ve hit long and annoying plateaus about every 20-25 pounds and I happen to be in my longest one yet. I’m 5’8 and weighing in at 219 or 218 depending on the day, that still gives me an unhealthy BMI but to be completely honest, I don’t even remember the last time I saw anything less than 230. Here are a few comparison pictures.

PhotoGrid_1405714626037 PhotoGrid_1406220018044


(My only before picture is terrible! I despise that picture, but it was like 1 am and i had to be up in 3 hours to go have surgery and I remembered last minute that I needed to take a before picture. )

I know that some of that weight is because of a good amount of loose skin. Unfortunately, because I was in school and was so busy I had no time to work out to keep my skin from getting ridiculously flabby. Let me tell ya, now that I’m not in school, bring on the dumb bells baby, this chick is gonna get ripped! …. Well, we can only hope!

Butterfinger Protein Shake

The other day I was craving a candy bar so bad! You know those times of the month where you would do absolutely anything, and I mean ANYTHING, for a piece of chocolate? It was that bad! I remembered awhile ago when I was researching different types of protein powders I came across a shake recipe that tasted like butterfingers. It called for their special shake mix, butterscotch pudding mix and peanut butter. I knew I didn’t have all that so I went to the kitchen to see what I could come up with.


It was SOOOO good! The ice made it nice and thick with a little crunch just like the real candy bar, and the taste completely cured my craving! So now you’re wondering what did I use right? Okay, okay, I’ll tell you!

Butter-finger Shake

  • 8 0z almond milk
  • 2 tbs peanut butter
  • 1 tsp SF Belgium cookie Torani syrup
  • 1 scoop designer whey chocolate protein powder
  • 6 ice cubes

The ice cubes part is the most important in my opinion, and this is coming from someone who really doesn’t like too much ice in their smoothies! I hope you guys like it!

Im Not Dead!

It’s been way too long, I’m pretty sure I say or think that every time I make a new post! So much has happened in the past few months so instead of me explaining how sorry I am for being neglectful Im just gonna jump into all that has happened. First of all My sister finally had her baby, I actually just got back from visiting with them (even though It was 2 months after he was born). I know I’m biased, but he is pretty freaking cute! Just see for yourself!



See… I told you! We had a great time together, we went on lots of walks with his sidekick kobe (the wonder Dog), we went to the farmers market, we read books, and we took naps! This is my all time favorite picture of us on my very last day.



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Road Trip

So much life has happened to me in the past month and lets be honest, now that I’m in school, I don’t have as much time as I used to for blogging. I wanted to share how my road trip to Portland was back in March so here is how it went1

First of all I must admit that I don’t regret driving over flying in the least bit. The drive was so unbelievably gorgeous and I was able to see so much more of our country in compared to staring down at it through a tiny little airplane window. If I haven’t already mentioned, southern California does not feel like my place. Oddly enough, I love my town like crazy, but the rest of so cal I can do without. So this trip really just solidified that I am a true mountain girl at heart. We drove through two different mountain ranges and i fell in love with both. I told you i would have my mom be my social media manager and she…. Well, she did her best. I have never been past San Fransisco so as we were driving through Redding and i was able to see mount Shasta I was freaking out trying to teach my mom how to work my camera to take a good picture of it (thinking i was gonna miss the mountain) little did i know that we were going to be driving through the whole range. It did make for a comical moment, though, watching my mom try to take a picture in a moving car. Here are some shots of the beauty I got to see.

IMG_20140321_182444 IMG_20140322_140253 IMG_20140322_153623

Since it was such a long drive, we of course needed some great snacks, but i wanted to keep it healthy since i figured if and when we stopped for actual food, it would be fast food. Continue reading